How to Play Games
There are various ways to find a game to play. You can select one of the top games and just go and play it by clicking on it. Alternatively you can scroll down and select one of the categories and select games from there.

If you want to have your scores logged, take part in tournaments or buy any of the power ups, you would need to first register to play.

Registration is free and you will have access to all of the games on the site.
How to Register
Click on the "Register" link in the top right hand corner. This will load the Registration page onto the main screen of the website.

Complete the required details in the applicable fields. Agree to the "Terms & Conditions" and click on the "Submit" key. An email containing your registration details will be sent to you.

If you make a mistake while filling in the form and wish to start again, click the “Reset” button at the bottom.

If you are unable to login, close your browser, open it up and attempt to login again.

Please note that only one email address can be used per user.
How to View High Scores
There are three different ways you can view the high scores for a specific game.

1. You can click on the "High Scores" button wherever the game is listed on the site.

2. You can click on the "Info" button wherever the game is listed on the site.

3. You can click on the game and then on the "Scores" button right underneath the games screen.
Create or Change Your Avatar
To create a custom Avatar or change a Avatar you need to log into your account. Once you are logged in you can click on the "Avatar" tab at the top of the screen.

You can then create and manage your Avatar by clicking on the "Create Avatar" tab.

You would be able to fully customize your Avatar by changing various facial features, clothing and backgrounds.
How to Change Your Password
To change your password is very easy:

1. Click on the "My Profile" button at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the "Edit Profile Details" button in the middle of the screen.

3. Enter your new password in both of the password fields and click the submit button.


Your profile will be updated and in future you can access your account with your new password.

How to Enter a Tournament for Game Credits
First you need to go to the Tournaments page. You can do this by clicking on the "Tournaments" button at the top of the screen and then click on the "Active Site Tournaments" button.

You will be taken to a screen and shown all of the current tournaments you would be able to take part in. On this screen you would be able to then see what the cost would be to enter each of the tournaments as well as the respective prices.

To take part in the tournaments you would need to pay a couple of Game Credits, but you can win a great deal more if you place in the top 3.

Once you have selected a game you will need to pay the required amount of Game Credits to start the game.

The tournaments always run for a couple of days after which you will be contacted via e-mail or receive a notification if you achieved one of the top 3 places.
How to Log Your Game High Score
If you have scored a high score on any game, you will be shown a button to log your high score in the game window when the game has ended. Simply click this and your score will be logged.
How to Contact Us
You can reach us through the "Contact Us" contact form. A link to the contact form is situated in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to the page containing the contact form.

Simply fill out the contact form and submit and we will contact you regarding your query.
How to View Another Users Public Profile
If you want to view a user's profile you need to be logged in. You would be able to view it wherever you find them on the site. You can view the profiles by clicking on the player's names.
I'm Getting Incomplete Game Screens
First of all, please ensure that you are using the latest versions of Macromedia Flash Player, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Next, go to Tools at the top of your browser's window, then go to Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files, and click on Settings. About 3/4 of the way down it will say Amount of Disk Space _____MB. Please make sure that this is over 650.
The Game Window is Not Opening
If you have a pop-up blocker or toolbar installed, this is most likely preventing the game window from opening. To play the game, hold down your "Ctrl" key while you click on the game link.
The Games Site Privacy Policy
We collect personally identifying information during site registration and this information is used to ship you your prizes. We may use such information to fulfill prizes, track compliance with our rules, or for content improvement and feedback purposes.

Each email we send you will include a description of the simple opt out process to enable you to stop receiving future e-mail.

All registrants receive e-mail confirming their registration.

Players e-mail addresses are never posted on the games web site.
What are Game Credits?
Game Game Credits are the official currency. Game Credits are also awarded to players for winning tournaments or awarded for special events and promotions.With Game Credits you can:

- Play Premium Games

- Play Premium High Score Games

- Play Premium Tournaments

- Challenge Your Friends

- Convert Game Credits to Loyalty Points
How do I Get Started?
In order to make use of this FREE portal you will need to register with us. Once you have done this you can make use off all of the FREE services.
How can the Game Credits be used?
Game Credits are used as currency on the site and there are a number of ways in which you can use these on the site:

a) Certain games (Premium Games) require Game Credits to be played

b) Many Tournaments have a Game Credits entry fee

c) You can challenge other players for Game Credits

d) You are able to redeem your Game Credits for Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for Rewards
How do I Earn Game Credits?
There are a couple of ways in which you can get your hand on Game Credits:

a) You receive free Game Credits, when you register

b) Buy them through your credit card or using Paypal

c) Enter tournaments to win Game Credits

d) Challenge friends in Contests to win Game Credits

e) Share your Achievements on Facebook and you'll recieve bonus Game Credits
How to Read Notifications
You can get to your messages in one of two ways. You can either click on the "Messages" button on your control panel or on the "My Profile" link in the Menu.

On the My Profile page click on the Notifications tab and you will then be taken to a screen showing your messages. To read a message you can just click on the message. It will open up and you can reply if you want to.
How to Buy Game Credits
You can buy Game Credits by clicking on the "Manage Credits" option in the Menu.

You would then be able to purchase a variety of Game Credits quantities using either your credit card or Paypal account.

If you click on the "Buy Game Credits" button you need to click on the amount you want to purchase and then click on your preferred purchase method. After this you need to click on "continue". You will then be redirected to the payment page to complete the transaction.
How to Challenge a Friend in Contests
Select the Contests option in the Menu and then on Create Contest.

Once you have done this you will be taken to a screen where you can set up the challenge. There are a couple of things you need to select in order for you to challenge a friend:
1. Select the game by choosing first the category and then the game
2. Select which Contest option a) Public b) Private by clicking on them
3. Enter a personal message if you want to (this is optional)
4. Enter the Game Credits amount you want to challenge them for
5. Click on the "Create and Play Game" button

Your friend will then receive the challenge request and you will be sent to the game screen.
How to Setup Your Favorite Games
If you play a game you can select to add it to your "Favorites". This is done when you are on a game screen.

Underneath every game screen there would be an "Add to Favorites" button. You need to click on this button to add it. Once this has been done you would be able to select it at a later stadium again if you want to.

You can then just scroll down a little on any page and you will find your favorites list. It would be in a block showing a list of "Last Played" and "Favorites" games.
How to Accept Challenges in Contests
You can check on your challenges by clicking on the "Contests" in the Menu.

Once you have clicked on it, you will be taken to the "Contests" page where you would be able to view all of the challenges you have received. You can click on them either to accept or decline a challenge.
How to Win Trophies
Trophies are won in tournaments on Skillpod and they are only open to registered players.

In order to win a trophy you need to achieve one of the top 3 spots in a tournament.
How to Search for Games
Type the game you are in search of in the search field on the right hand side of your screen. Click on the 'Search' button and you search results will be displayed.

You may also press 'Control' and the 'F' key on your keyboard for a search function to appear at the top right of your screen for the finding of words on your current screen.

There is also a 'Recent Searches' search cloud on the bottom left of your screen, reflecting your most recent searches. The text of the games you have searched for the most is displayed larger than the other games text.